Welcome to AORA 2020

Revered Faculty and Dear Attendees,

Great things happen when there is gathering of great minds!

A very warm welcome to AORA 2020: 10th National Conference of Academy of Regional Anaesthesia of India at our premier Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Re-search set in the green and serene environs of Chandigarh, the City Beautiful!


Dedicated 11 workshops from the DOYENS of Regional Anaesthesia

  1. Blocks for upper and lower extremities: ultrasound and peripheral nerve stimulator based approach.

  2. Blocks for hip and lower extremities: ultrasound and peripheral nerve stimulator based approach.

  3. Ultrasound guided blocks of thorax and advanced techniques for shoulder surgery.

  4. Truncal blocks and new blocks for hip and knee.

  5. "Needling" hands on practice - cadaveric workshop.

  6. Regional analgesia and challenges in obstetrics: simulation based approach.

  7. Ultrasound guided peripheral and truncal blocks in paediatrics.

  8. Chronic pain: Hands on ultrasound workshop: live models.

  9. Crisis management for regional anaesthesia: simulation based approach.

  10. Blocks for Ambulatory surgery.

  11. Perioperative Point of Care Ultrasound.

Workshop Directors

  • Dr. Anjan Trikha
  • Dr. Deep Arora
  • Dr. Sunil Pandya
  • Dr. TVS Gopal
  • Dr. J Balavenkatasubramanian
  • Dr. Sandeep Diwan
  • Dr. Murali Thondebhavi
  • Dr. T Sivashanmugam
  • Dr. Neerja Bhardwaj
  • Dr. Vrushali Ponde

Master Classes

8 Master Classes by Stalwarts in the field of Regional Anaesthesia

  1. New insight into ultrasound imaging of Brachial plexsus.

  2. Facial ecoanatomy and ultrasound guided injections.

  3. Erector spinae and truncal blocks.

  4. Thoracic paravertebral and thoracic interfascial nerve blocks.

  5. Point of care ultrasound (POCUS).

Highlights of the Conference

  • Acclaimed National Faculty.

  • Content for Beginners and Experts.

  • Consensus & Controversies - Solved by Experts.

  • Live Demonstration of Regional Blocks.

  • Intensive Bootcamps with Hands-On facility.

  • CME Credits from Punjab Medical Council.

International Faculty

  • Prof Manoj Karmakar Hongkong

  • Prof. Narendra RawalSweden

  • Dr. Paul Kessler Germany

  • Dr. Navprakash SandhuSan Diego

  • Dr. Sanjay SinhaUSA

  • Dr. Vivian Ip Canada

  • Dr. Derek Dillane Canada

  • Dr. Timur J.P. Ozelsel Canada

  • Dr. Sree Kolli USA

  • Dr. Y Ranganath USA

  • Dr. Hari KalagaraUSA

  • Dr. Harshad GurnaneyUSA

  • Dr. Shivanand Chavan UK

  • Dr. Rakesh Sondekoppam Canada

  • Dr. Vishal Uppal Canada

  • Dr. G Niraj UK

  • Dr Karunakaran Ramasamy Qatar

Hosted by Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India

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